"Sometimes the most ordinary things could be made extraordinary,
simply by doing them with the right people." - Nicholas Sparks


At Genie, we believe in taking a simple idea and put enough thought and innovation into it so that it turns out to be a great idea. And once we have a great idea, we make sure that it results in maximum benefit our consumers and clients. And here’s the team that makes it all happen:

Moukthik Reddy – Founder and CEO

Moukthik is a successful serial entrepreneur with a passion for innovation. Expertise in operations management,business processes and business development. With over 10 years of experience in sales and marketing. Having founded and provided leadership to many successful technology based products and worked towards the success of quite a few startup ventures. Technology had been a driving force for him from strategy formulation to solution delivery. Understand ever bit of the IT industry and taking it to the next level thinking out of the box.His thought leadership in Genie has been instrumental in shaping a product that ensures value to consumers and advertisers,with all the experience now brings the successes to Genie.

Shaik Abdul Kalam Azad – CTO

Azad is the proverbial geek guru! An IIT - Roorkee alumni, Azad heads technology team and is instrumental in the architecting the technical development of the product. His technical and creative acumen has ensured that Genie is not only extremely user-friendly for the consumers but also is technically robust and secure. Before Genie, Azad worked was instrumental in building advanced mobile and web applications for top-notch software solution companies. He has also been the Creative Head for one of the leading eCommerce websites in India.

Rajendra Yella – Managing Partner

Rajendra drives the management and visionary expertise for Genie. His many years of Program Management for top-notch software solution companies ensures that Genie’s current features and future propositions are well designed and deployed. His flair for identifying the right people for the right job ensures that all processes and people involved in developing Genie are totally in sync and share a common vision of success for the consumer and advertiser.

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